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  • Immigration Medical Exam: we provide medical exams for Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada performed by a Panel Physician.

  • Aviation Medical Exam: we are conveniently located in Vancouver and provide Transport Canada and Hong Kong civil aviation medical examinations.

  • Marine Medical Exam: we perform Marine Medical Examinations as per Transport Canada regulations.

  • COVID 19 Test: we provide COVID-19 RT-PCR nasal swab and antibody blood test for travel and work.

  • Pediatric care: we take care of babies from birth all the way up to when they turn 19.  We provide vaccinations, routine well child examinations and care for other acute and chronic issues.

  • Acute visits: Something came up that needs immediate attention? unless it is an emergency (then call 911), call us to make an appointment and we will take care of it for you.

  • Chronic medical conditions: Taking proper care of chronic medical conditions has a long lasting impact on a person's life.  Our physicians have been trained in taking care of chronic medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease and so on.  We work together with our consultants to make sure we provide our patients with the latest and cutting edge medical information.

  • Minor procedures: We do outpatient procedures like abscess incision and drainage, skin biopsies, joint injections (knee, hip, shoulder, etc.) in our office so that you can get appropriate treatment avoiding long waits for specialist appointments.

  • Prenatal care: Our physicians provide prenatal care in first trimester followed by referral to a OB/Gyn thereafter.  Once you deliver your baby we will happily continue your care by seeing you and your baby.

  • Women's health: We perform pap smears in our office and we can help you make a preventative health plan tailored to your needs.

  • Worksafe BC/ICBC cases: Injuries can happen anywhere.  Along with providing your regular medical care we provide continuity of care in case you get injured at work or in a car accident.  This ensures that the doctor you see for any problem knows you well and it makes collaborating care much easier.

  • Preventative medicine: Should you take a baby Aspirin? Do you need cholesterol lowering medication? Do you need a pap smear? Do you need your stool checked for colon cancer? Do you need vaccinations? Come in to see one of our physicians and we can discuss preventative care that's right for you.  Rightfully said "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".