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Diving Medical Exam

Commercial And Recreational Diving

  • $250 And Up
  • 6408 Main Street

Required Documents

The appointment usually takes around 2 hours but may take longer. We have experienced doctors who will be happy to help you with your recreational or commercial diving medical exam. We follow the standards set by DCBC and Worksafe BC. If you have any special requests or requirements, we will do our best to accommodate you. The cost of the Diving Medical Exam is as follows: - Medical exam: $250 - Attending Physician Statement: $220 and Up - Audiogram (if required, available on site): $120 - Electrocardiogram (if required, available on site): $120 - Labs: Cost varies based on the tests required *5% GST applies to all fees *prices are subject to change without prior notice *additional tests required will be charged extra You must bring the following: - Paperwork issued by your employer/agency - BC Driver's Licence/BC ID/Provincial or State ID - Prescription glasses/contact lenses (we have to check your vision with and without glasses/contacts, please be sure to bring your own contact solution, if needed) - All your medications - Medical history (if not available, you may provide it verbally)

Contact Details

  • 6408 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5W2V4, CAN

    (604) 416 3700

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