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NZ Immigration Medical Exam

New Zealand

  • $300 + X-ray + Labs
  • 6408 Main Street

Required Documents

The appointment usually takes around 2 hours but may take longer. IMMIGRATION EXAM AND LABS ARE DONE AT THE SAME LOCATION The cost for the New Zealand Immigration Medical Exam is as follows: Immigration medical examination: $300 per person Labs are based on age: Lab tests are based on age: - Age <5: No labs required - Age 5-14: No blood tests required; urine test is required - Age 15+ and Adults: $200 X-ray: $85 - required for age 11 years and older *5% GST applies to all fees *prices are subject to change without prior notice. *none of these costs are covered by MSP (Medical Services Plan of BC). X-ray and lab tests may vary based on age, medical history, etc. Labs include HIV, syphilis, serum creatinine, hepatitis B and C, hemoglobin A1c, complete blood count and urinalysis. Additional lab tests that may be ordered based on your history and physical exam will be charged extra. We use e-Medical to submit the Immigration Medical Exam report to New Zealand Immigration and do not use any paper files. You do not need to bring any photographs to your appointment and we will take a picture at our office. You must bring the following: - Original valid Passport - BC Driver's Licence/BC ID/Provincial or State ID - Prescription glasses/contact lenses - All your medications - Medical history (if not available, you may provide it verbally) We are located at: 6408 Main Street Vancouver, BC Canada V5W2V4 Tel: (604) 416-3700 *If you are coming from out of town or booking for multiple people (eg. family) please contact our office by replying to your booking confirmation email so that we can make arrangements for you accordingly.

Contact Details

  • 6408 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5W2V4, CAN

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