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United States Aviation Medical Exam


  • $350 And Up
  • 6408 Main Street

Required Documents

The appointment usually takes around 2 hours but may take longer. We offer first, second and third class FAA medical exams. The cost of the Aviation Medical Exam is as follows: - Medical exam: $350 - Audiogram (if required, available on site): $120 - Electrocardiogram (if required, available on site): $120 *5% GST applies to all fees *prices are subject to change without prior notice You must bring the following: - FAA Medical certificate (if you already have one) - MedXPress confirmation number that can be obtained from the FAA website or call 1-844-322-6948 for assistance - BC Driver's Licence/BC ID/Provincial or State ID - Prescription glasses/contact lenses (we have to check your vision with and without glasses/contacts, please be sure to bring your own contact solution, if needed) - All your medications - Medical history (if not available, you may provide it verbally) - SODA (Statement of Demonstrated Ability, if you have been issued one) We are located at: 6408 Main Street Vancouver, BC Canada V5W2V4 Tel: (604) 416-3700

Contact Details

  • 6408 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5W2V4, CAN

    (604) 416 3700

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